social media is not scary

Hello world!! This is my new wordpress weblog.  In fact it is my first post of my first blog.  The use of social media can be scary.  A lot of small businesses in New Zealand ( I am talking less than 5 employees) are owned by older/more experienced persons who are used to receiving news in traditional ways.  It is time for us to get to grips with the advantages and uses of understanding and using news in a new way.  Connecting with other businesses can be a great value add to your business.

About drintegrity

I am the director of IntegrityWorks, a company specialising in small business employment matters -getting the paper work right. We are aligned with Buckett Law- the employment law experts, and will help you get your small business employment agreements and performance managment systems in place. I am also the employment relations consultant to the CEO of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation

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  1. Wow! this is a great idea Dr Integrity. So what is on offer?

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